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Hindu Saints #3
Sadguru Shri Hambir Baba (born Ganpat Nanaji Hambir, 1879, Patethan village, Daund taluk, Pune district - died 14 October 1970, Patethan) was an Indian spiritual guide. He was a proponent of the Vedanta scriptures. He taught that the teachings of the saints can be practiced in one's personal life, in one's social life and for self-realization and social harmony.
Baba spoke from the teachings of Richas,
Shlokas, Ovees and Abhangas and was a follower of Lord Ram, Shri Krishna, other gods, their incarnations and other saints.
Baba's life long spiritual mission (avatar-karya), was to teach swadharma. He used the
Bhagavad Gita and the Bhagavata Purana texts in his uplifting sermons and discussions and in 1958, the Vishwavyapi Manavdharma ashram was founded.
Baba spoke at the World Religions Conferences in New Delhi in 1958, 1965 and 1967 about swadharma and peace.
He wrote a book in Marathi entitled
Jeevankalechee sadhana.