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New Readers Read This

  • Namaskar Hindu Friends
    Like most of you, I am a member of this site. Please read this before starting. I have joined this site days ago and published posts, images, polls, blogs and forum posts. Most of the people join this site and would post "Om Namaha Shivaya" or "Jai Shree Ram" once and would never come again. Please help this community grow. So, how can you do that?
    1. Check forum and see old posts and pass comments there.
    2. Simply put up a new forum topic.
    3. Check the blog archieve and post your valuable comments or write a new entry. You're welcome.
    4. Post polls. And vote on the previous ones.
    5. There are lots of groups. Join some or create a new one. My personal suggestion is to create linguistic groups and share valuable Dharma posts. Revival of Dharma material in all of Indian languages in a priority now.
    6. Feel free to post your festive moments pics. Hinduism is a culture, a way of life.
    7. Last but not the least socialise. We unite for a greater cause.
    Thank you. Please understand this community needs interaction rather than members. Lets work for a interacting vibrant Hindu community