Why Lord Shiva never accepts these 5 offerings? | Shravan Maas | Shivratri

Posted by kalpana joshi on January 19, 2017
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Facts on Lord Shiva Puja : According to Hindu culture, it is advised to not keep a ‘Shivlinga’ in a place where it is not regularly worshipped with proper rituals, as showing disrespect to his symbol may anger the lord. It is said that Lord Shiva or Bholenath is very innocent and may get pleased in no time. But, his anger too is well-renowned. What is Lord Shiva's favourite? It is an extensively acknowledged fact that Lord Shiva believes in living a simple life with bare necessities, and the things that he cherishes the most are Dhatura fruit, Bael leaves, bhang, ice-cold milk, sandalwood paste, and bhasma. Worshipping Lord Shiva with these not only appeases him, but impresses all the gods as well. Shivlinga offerings However, as per Shivpuran, a devotee must never worship the Shivlinga with these five following offerings or else bear the dreaded consequences. Saawan Mass Puja Shravan Mass Shravan maas Savan puja of lord shiva har har magadev song sawan song Shravan maas song