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Hinduism :: The Universal Truth

Posted by kalpana joshi
Hinduism is world oldest religion. Hindus scriptures written around 1300 B.C.E. known as the Vedas. It is believed that the Vedas are the eternal truths that were heard, then written down by holy seers. According to the Vedas, time and life are cyclical. After death, one's soul leaves the body and is reborn, or reincarnated, into a new form.The constant cycle of birth and rebirth is known as samsara and the measurement by which the quality of new birth is determined is known as karma. Karma, the accumulated result of one's actions in various lives, can be good or bad. Righteous and moral conduct, known as dharma, is the road to good karma. Know Hinduism basic by Gauri Maheshwari (Danielle Riordan) Original video is uploaded on below link:
Posted January 16, 2017
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