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4 Facts of Hinduism - simple facts about Hinduism

Posted by amita gar
When you say the word Hindu or even try to describe Hinduism you’re immediately faced with a problem. Where do you begin? Have you tried to describe Hinduism to someone who wasn’t Hindu? It’s hard isn’t? Stay tuned to find out the answer to this seeming hard question to answer! As young kid, it can be very bewildering as friends of other faiths have it relatively easily. But the Hindu child is stuck trying to figure this thing out on their own and if they can’t come up with an explanation, more often than not the motivation to learn more about their faith is lost. But -- don’t worry. There is an answer. And here we have it THE FOUR FACTS OF HINDUISM. Despite the diversity of beliefs, ways to worship and cultural differences between Hindus, there is an underlying unity that all Hindus believe in whether they know it or not. Karma, Reincarnation, All-Pervading Consciousness which is the source of everything and Dharma. The 4 facts of Hinduism was originally presented by Hinduism Today Magazine. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- LINKS: Youtube Channel: Twitter: Facebook: Sound Effects:
Posted Nov 22
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