Videos » What is Karma and how does it relate to Hinduism?

What is Karma and how does it relate to Hinduism?

Posted by amita gar
LINK: 4 Facts about Hinduism - ------- For whatever reason Karma has made its way over to Western Society. Continue watching this video as we look into Karma and how it relates to Hinduism. KARMA - the 1st fact about Hinduism. If you're a Hindu you believe in karma--its something as a Hindu you don’t even think about.Karma is something that pervades all Hindu thought and scriptures. Even someone who claims they know NOTHING about Hinduism, has some idea about Karma. Karma is something that is so deeply ingrained in the consciousness of Hindus that for most Hindus, we don’t even think about it. Over here in North America, Karma is now a common word used by everyone and is now part of everyday language. KARMA means action. The word Karma is derived from the Sanskrit Kri, meaning to do; all action is Karma. Now actions can have 2 forms: what we physically do (helping someone, caring for someone) and also activities of our mind -- our mental actions --what are we thinking about at any given moment. All of these actions -- whether physical or mental -- will have an effect. That in a nutshell is what Karma is. Any action will have an effect, will have a consequence. Even inaction is considered an action -- and will have a some type of outcome. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- LINKS: Youtube Channel: Twitter: Facebook: Sound Effects:
Posted Nov 22
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