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Dashavatar & Darwin's Theory Of Evolution

Posted by amita gar
Life on Earth was not always as it is now. One of the most interesting topics for humanity has been the advancement of living species. How did life begin? How did the species evolve? Both science and religion have tried to answer these questions in several ways. Science states that human beings evolved from apes, but religions preach that God created human beings and sent them to earth. It may come as a surprise to many people, but the Indians explained Darwin's theory of evolution thousands of years before Darwin! The ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu or "DashaAvatara" are an extraordinary record of the evolution of human life and the advancement of human civilization. Hinduism, the oldest religion in the world, has a concept called Dashavatar. He says that Lord Vishnu descends to Earth in the form of an incarnation to restore the cosmic order. Now you wonder why we are talking together about DashaAvatara and Darwin's theory of evolution. This is because the two are surprisingly similar. Interesting, right?
Posted November 26, 2021
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